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CircuitPark Zandvoort
Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort, Netherlands

2.68 miles GP
15/9 Turns
Permanent Track
Lap Record 121 mph
Opened 1948


Zandvoort Location

A1GP says...
Home of the Dutch Grand Prix between 1952 and 1985, Circuit Park Zandvoort nestles in the sand dunes at the northern end of the Dutch coastal resort of the same name.

The circuit was designed by John Hugenholtz whose skills were later employed in the shaping of the Jarama circuit in Spain and then Suzuka in Japan.

Built on communications roads built by the German army during their occupation in the Second World War, the circuit gained instant popularity because of its fast, sweeping corners such as Scheivlak as well as the Tarzan hairpin at the end of the start/finish straight and the constantly changing cambers and angles of the Hugenholtzbocht behind the paddock. Sand blowing from the dunes can be a problem, but the undulating landscape offers a unique character found nowhere else.

Looking down Zandvoort's Grand Prix role of honour, Alberto Ascari won the first two World Championship events there for Ferrari in 1952 and 1953. In the 1960s, Jim Clark enjoyed four wins and fellow Scot Jackie Stewart a trio into the early 1970s. James Hunt scored his first win there in 1975 and followed it up with a further win in 1976, with Niki Lauda claiming his third win at the Dutch circuit in 1985 to bring the curtain down on Formula 1's visits. Since then, Zandvoort's annual hosting of the Marlboro Masters international Formula 3 invitation race has been a highlight, as is the visit of the DTM (German touring car) series.

The track length was chopped from 2.642 miles to 1.569 miles in 1989, with the far section including Scheivlak being reinstated 10 years later to bring the lap length back to 2.684 miles, albeit with a redrawn return route that cuts the approach speed to the final corner onto the start/finish straight, Bosuit.

Circuit Park Zandvoort has the reputation of being a drivers track, with the Tarzan corner at the end of the main straight being one of the most challenging, and particularly good for overtaking.

Situated less than 30km from Amsterdam and close to the North Sea Coastline, Zandvoort is also a popular tourist destination. More than 4.5 million visitors a year take advantage of the 9km stretch of beach, making Zandvoort a great holiday destination as well.

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