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nr Andover
SP11 8PN

2.36 miles
13 Turns
Permanent Track
Lap Record 137 mph
Opened 1950


Thruxton Location

Wikipedia says...
Thruxton Circuit is a notable attraction for visitors to the Hampshire village of Thruxton, originally built in 1940 as a World War II airfield and home to both the RAF and USAF, it was used for troop-carrying aircraft and gliders during the D-Day landings. In 1946 it was decommissioned and from 1950 it was used for motorsport. Motorcycling was the first sport to be staged there, with motor racing following in 1952.

Owing to planning restrictions, the circuit can only run 12 days of motorsport each year. Currently, three are devoted to motorbike racing, with a weekend dedicated to the British Superbike championship, Britain’s premier motorcycle racing category; with the third day being used for club racing. The remainding days are devoted to car racing with weekends being used for the TOCA British Touring Car Championship, the British Formula 3 and British GT package and the new for 2006 Dunlop Great and British Festival, which features rounds of the British Truck Racing Championship, the International Truck Racing Challenge as well as the staples of the festival, including the Radical endurance races. Two separate one day meetings are run for amateur championships of the BARC, one of which is entitled the ‘Thruxton Classic’, which features races for Classic Touring Cars, Classic Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford 2000. The remaining day is allocated to other organising clubs, such as the 750 Motor Club and Historic Sports Car Club. Owing to the relative infrequency of race meetings, Thruxton continues to be a popular part of the motorsport calendar.

tpix says...
Viewing is good for spectators at Thruxton, but kept to the west-side of the track for safety reasons. Once past Seagrave corner, things get really fast and the flat-out sweeps that follow can be hazardous for drivers should things go wrong. However there is ample run-off, and this part of the track often provides extremely entertaining racing, especially as the cars break hard for the Club chicane.






Thruxton Circuit