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The three Vauxhall Vectras were dominating race 1, until Menu and Chilton hit problems

14th October 2007

Terry Smith

British Touring Car Championship @ Thruxton

- After leading for most of the season, Jason Plato lost the title to Fabrizio Giovanardi on the last race!
- Shame to learn that Matt Neal is defecting to Vauxhall for next year.
- Plato was racing in pain, suffering burns to his face and hands after a Caparo T1 he was testing for Fifth Gear caught fire at 150 mph!!
- Good supply of support races for a sunday afternoon.
- Dunlop warned of problems, but numerous cars were still getting punctures due to riding the high kerbs too much.
- Incidents galore down at the Club Chicane - a great place for spectators to watch from!
- Round 30 at Thruxton bought the 2007-series to a finish, and will be remembered as one of the closest and best seasons seen.

BTCC Thruxton Results

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