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Senna Alesi
Barrichello Andretti
Patrese, Hill Prost
Senna schumacher93
Barrichello, Herbert Zanardi

Senna at full throttle through a very wet Woodcote

9th July 1993

Terry Smith

FIA F1 World Championship British Grand Prix Qualifying @ Silverstone Circuit, England

- Extremely cold and wet Friday qualifying session, not good for July.
- Brave Alesi was always first out on the wet track, entertaining the crowd by twitching and sliding all over the place.
- Lots of spray thrown up through Woodcote.
- Prost took Pole with his ultra-smooth style when it finally dried out.
- It was the last time that I saw Senna ever racing, in his final year at McLaren.
- My first time with a telephoto lens.

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