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Drivers Parade Drivers Parade TV Screen
Alonso Sutil Massa
Rosberg Alonso, Barrichello Alonso, Barrichello
Heidfeld Button Kovalainen
Webber Hamilton Bourdais
Ferrari Webber Nakajima
Hamilton Raikkonen Barrichello
Stowe McLaren Red Bull
Earthdreams Earthdreams Honda
Senna Rodriguez Pantano

Apart from a smiling Lewis, all the drivers looked cold on the Parade Lap

6th July 2008

Terry Smith

F1 British Grand Prix @ Silverstone Circuit, England

- Lewis Hamilton crushed all with a dominant win, and the fans were loving it
- Numerous spins and off-track moments by most of the entire field during the rain
- A day for the team strategists, with Honda prevailing in making the podium from near the back of the grid
- The day was a good chance to get some rain spray shots, of cars at full chat down Hangar Straight

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