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Tom Kristensen has won Le Mans a record 7-times, and is a massive star in the DTM

2nd July 2006

Terry Smith

German Touring Masters Championship @ Brands Hatch, England

- The DTM's first visit to Brands Hatch produced tight close racing on the Indy circuit.
- The series features ex-F1 drivers Mika Hakkinen, Jean Alesi and Heinz-Harald Frentzen.
- Tom Kristensen led for most of the race before going off at Clearways. Then Brit Jamie Green was all set for his first win in the DTM but made a mistake at Graham Hill Bend and also went off, gifting the win to Mattias Ekstrom.
- Blisteringly hot day meant that there was too much light, so many of my pictures were over-exposed.
- Different feel to the race meeting compared to BTCC - the German series seemed more professional with advanced and faster cars.

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